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School Clubs

Invention Convention
Students go through the Engineering Process and create a blueprint of their idea (Invention).  The topics this year are Things that make life easier, Games, and Entrepreneurship for 4th and 5th grade students. The categories for 6th grade are Agriculture: Animals & PlantsHealth & MedicalSustainabilityConsumer & Household Goods, and Manufacturing: Tools & Transport. Students will choose a topic, think of a problem to solve, complete a plan step by step, draw a blueprint, design their prototype, and learn with hands-on activities. There is no cost for parents; however, there will be work to be done at home in order to make sure that we are finished with the prototype, presentation board, and have time to practice before the big day in February.  This is an exciting opportunity for students to present their ideas and gain an understanding of how to make their ideas come to life utilizing the engineering design.   

Hobgood Robotics Club
This is a competitive team-based club, in which students collaborate within their teams to design, build, and improve robots. The students will compete against their school, district, and Middle TN teams. Students learn how to collaborate not only within their teams but with teams from other schools to achieve a common goal. Students use the engineering process to improve their robots from competition to competition. They keep track of all of their work through engineering notebooks that allow others to see their design process. This is a fast-paced student-driven club with high expectations and high levels of fun and competition.