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Student Dress Code

Hobgood Elementary

In keeping with the educational purpose of this school, students are expected to dress and groom themselves appropriately. Students are allowed to wear casual clothes daily. Children are expected to come to school dressed appropriately. Clothing/accessories/hair, which would disrupt teaching and learning, are not considered appropriate dress. Jeans with rips in them must have leggings underneath. There should be no skin showing above the knee. Leggings cannot be worn as pants. Clothes and shoes must fit appropriately and no undergarments may be visible. The staff reserves the right to call a parent to the school if a child’s appearance or attire becomes disruptive, unsafe, or distracting. Parents, please help us with dress code as learning can be negatively impacted with distractions at school. For safety, cleats and roller shoes (“Heelys”) may not be worn at any time. Closed-toe shoes are required.