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2023 Zone Waivers

Murfreesboro City Schools will conduct the open enrollment period for zone waivers from February 16 – March 17.  Parents or guardians of a student seeking to transfer their child to an open zoned school for the 2023-24 school year must apply within this timeline. Waivers must be completed for new requests as well as for students currently on a zone waiver.  

New zone waivers submitted during zone waiver timeframe are subject to approval through a lottery system.  To ensure your zone waiver is considered, it is important to submit your waiver between Feb. 16 and March 17, 2023.  The waivers will be approved based on a lottery system using the open seats listed below. 

Black Fox Elementary – 25 seats available 

Bradley Academy – 25 seats available 

Erma Siegel Elementary – 50 seats available 

Hobgood Elementary – 25 seats available 

Mitchell-Neilson Elementary (grades 2-6 only) – 50 seats available 

Northfield Elementary – 50 seats available 

John Pittard Elementary – 50 seats available 

Reeves-Rogers Elementary – 50 seats available 

Students who are currently attending any school on a zone waiver must reapply during the dates outlined above.  The follow schools have been designated as closed zone schools for 2023-24Overall Creek, Salem, Scales, Cason Lane, Discovery School.  

Parents may download a zone waiver using the link below or ask for a zone waiver from your school.  Instructions on submitting zone waivers are included on the zone waiver form. 

(Download the 2023-24 Zone Waiver Form)